Windows Phone 7 vs Windows Phone 7

Here is something i made last week in photoshop comparing the specs of all the different Windows phones. It might be the nerdyest thing I’ve done in a while. I was either going to buy the Dell Venue Pro, the HD7 or the surround so i got the dimensions and put them into photoshop so i could see how the sizes compared to each other  … and next thing i know im doing all of them. talk about getting carried away 🙂

but I figured it might be useful for somebody buying a windows phone to have a visual comparison for a change rather than having to look at all the numbers and dimensions and going between 10 different web pages all at the same time, which is what i’ve been doing.

The phones being compared here are:

Dell Venue Pro, HTC HD7, HTC 7 Mozart, HTC 7 Pro, HTC Surround, HTC 7 Trophy, LG Optimus 7, LG Optimus 7Q (Quantum),Samsung Focus and Samsung Omnia 7.


#Update (01/01/2011): Dell RAM size updated

Just a quick update to say I made this image before the phones came out so some of the information in it  was incorrect. It turns out now that the Venue Pro actually has 256 Mb of RAM and not 512. But dont blame me… i got most of the info from this site, yes Microsofts website!

The HTC 7 pro also has 576 Mb of RAM and not 448


53 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7 vs Windows Phone 7

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  4. Hello,

    very nice graph ! It would be even more complete if it included the memory for each phone (8 GB for all except for the Optimus which is 16 GB I guess).
    And it could also include the specific plus for each phone. Example: Samsung Focus includes Micro SD slot, LG Optimus includes DLNA and augmented reality, etc.
    And also the form factor (sliding keyboard, etc.).

    • i might try that. when i made this last month i was checking the memory sizes for each phone and thought i remember there being too many different versions in different countries so i left it out, but you make it sound simple so ill try fit that in soon so thanks for the tips

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  8. @David
    That it’s true at all. Many phone have different capacity. In the US, HTC HD7, LG Quantum, HTC Surround, HTC Trophy, and Dell Venue Pro all have 16GB capacity.

  9. Very nice indeed 🙂

    Have you thought about creating an webpage that could easily be extended with new WP7 phones? Thinking silverlight app here 🙂

    Regarding the graphic, I think it leaves the Samsung Omnia 7 as the winner overall – i.e. it is always in the top 3 (except for height & ram). Omnia 7 = value for money.

    • thanks. yea that would be a great idea because the minute the new phones come out this image wont be as useful anymore. the only problem is i dont have a clue how to use silverlight, im more of a designer/photoshoper at the moment. Im thinking of jumping ship someday soon and moving on to some more programming/developing type stuff, but in the meantime if you want to make something up in silverlight from the graphics be my guest, it could be a whille before i get started on it 🙂

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  25. Sorry forgot to mention “#Update (01/01/2010): Dell RAM size updated” The Update is already one year old? 😉 I know I have not gotten used to it either yet. 🙂 Have a good 2011.

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  40. The battery life and weight images are a little misleading.
    There are 3 phones that have the exact same estimated battery life, yet their colours are different. As a user of a cell phone, I do not really care about the battery capacity, only the actual or estimated battery life.

    Also, how much of an impact would the difference in weights make to say someone carrying around one of these in their pocket all day. If there is no significant difference, it could be removed. But thanks for making the infograph anyway.

    • the battery info was the last part that i added, i had spent enough of the evening at it so i just did a gradient colour across all the icons to save a bit of time and get it finished. its not that misleading really, it starts at the top, worst battery red, best battery green, any ones that have the same number are put in alphabetical order, i would imagine most people would figure it out after a few seconds even if it wasnt clear in the first place.

      someone else over at xda suggested the battery time i think, depends what your preferences are i suppose. the difference in weight between the lightest and heaviest was 76g, its significant enough to put it in, if they had been all roughly the same weight i probably would have left them out.
      id have a bit of a problem with the weight of the venue pro myself, it might be fine on its own but 191g would seem a lot heavier when added to all the other stuff id be carrying around in my pocket.

      anyway, that said if i need to make some space for some new things in the image the weight would probably be the first to go, just leave in the lightest and heaviest maybe.

      thanks for stopping by. you stay classy

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